New Oakley sunglasses can pipe workout encouragement into your ear

Intel and Oakley showcased a pair of sunglasses that acts like a running and exercise coach at CES 2016. The technology that Intel calls “Radar” can respond to voice commands, so you can ask it things like how fast you are running, the distance you've covered and the distance you need to cover. The glasses will also tell you to pick up the pace if you're slacking off.
Brian Krzanich, Intel's CEO said “Think of them as a Siri for athletes.”
You activate the pair of sunglasses by saying “Hey Radar”, and then you can ask it things like “How's my work out looking” or “How many calories have I burned”
The glasses require earplugs, a microphone and a chipset that can be strapped onto your arm.
The built in earbuds that are attached to the pair of sunglasses apparently doubles as a MP3 player, so you can listen to your favourite tracks while running.
Intel apparently used their Curie chip technology that comes with an on-board processor, bluetooth radio and an accelerometer. It is still unclear if the device will have GPS or will have to be connected to a smartphone.
According to Intel, the sunglasses will be consumer-ready sometime in 2016.